title CTO
Release Date 15-07-20 name Bryan Greear
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content Dear Charles and Lyly,

I sent you email replying to the message you sent to me and the email address dont seem to be working - they are coming back undelivered using the email addresses you have. I also sent you a Skype message. Please send me alternate email address or let me know the best way to talk. I have a lot of interest in the IT Films for US market and want to discuss how we can form a business relationship with Nanorex.

Thnk You!

Bryan Greear
Puget Textile Works
skype: bgreear
answer Thank you for your inquiries.
We will remind you of your email address.
Please give me an email and we will reply.

Company Name : Nanorex Co., Ltd.
Head Office : 2F, ECO-B/D, Dongsuwon-Ro537beon-gil 31, Yongtong-Gu, Suwon-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Rep of KOREA
TEL : 82-1661-5848 / 82-70-5029-2929   A/S Center : 82-1661-3848   FAX : 82-505-969-6969
Major Business Field : Heat recovery ventilating system, IR film, functional film, Intelligent sterilizing system, LED Lights
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